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Matt 26 Nov

Just as a further reminder and way of communicating it – NO GAME TONIGHT!

Joe 27 Sept 09:00

First off, the character that was posted previously as Fibolg was changed before the first session to have Vow of Poverty and levels of Psychic Warrior instead of Fighter (I just had to get Up The Walls!), but I didnt update the wiki. He always was a Druid (described as Shapeshifter for flavour) and a Psion.

The recent changes were around power selections. After seeing some of the challenges of spending a lot of time in canine form, I went for Missive, Farhand, and Psionic Knock. Now he can communicate in short messages, and he can even open doors by himself! Now thats power!

Loyhargil 26 Sept 23:24

Interesting change in Fibolg, Joe. Am I correct in thinking he used to be a druid or ranger? May I ask what led you to change the PC? That’s if I’m not mistaken, of course.

GM 21 Sept 15:47

Between the first and second session I will allow some re-organisation of skills, feats, etc within reason. This is because between rolling up a character and actually playing it once – you can then really see whether the character concept fits the mechanics or whether it needs tweaking.

Matt 17 Sept 12:38

First game next week on Monday night! Address was sent out via email (would rather not post it here) so if anyone has any problems then give me an email. I’ll also send out my mobile phone number later in the week. I’ll be at the house from about 6pm onwards, looking to finish about 10pm if that’s OK with everyone.

See you there!

GM 17 Sept 09:29
Created the Recent Player Updates page to help keep everyone informed of changes. Probably not worth updating for each and every little edit, but worth updating when you want to draw people’s attention to new postings. If in doubt – update the Recent Player Updates page.

Matt 11 Sept 15:29

That joke was dire – possibly it was a Dire Joke with extra hit dice and an improved grab attack…

Really enjoyed Breeze’s backstory – it looks like a campaign that is already full of life and interest – and we’ve not even started yet. :)

Joe 10 Sept 17:00

Mr Breeze’s extended backstory is great BTW!

What do you get if you cross CSI Sigil, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Fluffy the Elan Spire Slayer…

Loyhargil 8 Sept 1:30am

A theme song? How about “Psion Psion Psion” by Bob Marley?

Matt 7 Sept 12:24

Well, you get this – apparently!

Wonder what the theme tune would be? Something akin to the rock soundtrack of Buffy, or perhaps more the folky strains of the Serenity theme? Or even a nice Who song a la CSI? Any thoughts.

Heh – CSI Sigil the Vampire Slayer of the Baskervilles…

Joe 6 Sept 16:20

Doc Mort sounds like he had a very interesting childhood! Makes me think of the entrail examining Augurs of ancient Rome.

What do you get if you cross CSI Sigil, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Matt 6 Sept 13:51

Very interested in that character, and love the backstory. I think I need to work mine a little to bring it up to scratch.

Joe 5 Sept 17:17

Shapeshifter is a druid class feature variant from PHB2, replacing wildshape and animal companion. I just wrote Shapeshifter 2 cos it describes the character better than Druid 2!

GM 5 Sept 17:02

I would only allow gelatinous cubes if they were strawberry or rasberry flavoured. But given that they most likely break the ECL limit in this campaign of +2 as outlined on GM rules for character creation then it’s safe to say that gelatinous cubes will not be featuring as Player Characters.

Loyhargil 5 Sept 16:53

Warforged have armour bonuses, +2 CON and -2 CHA, immunity to disease etc. Loyhargil discusses why he didn’t use the template…

Loyhargil: Oh, Matt suggested the simplest thing with the construct – just ignore the pluses and minuses and create the character as a human. I chose a fae because of the diminutive size and originally I thought their charming ways would cancel out the warforged CHA bonus… until I read the Fae entry and discovered they get a +4 level adjustment!

(I was tempted to play a gelatinous cube just for the perversity of it.)

I’d love to know how the ECLs are calculated: the Elans always struck me as very powerful considering their only weakness is -2 CHA (not that I’m complaining though!) Matt was kind enough to lend me the Monster Manual and I read that a Bugbear has +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 CHA and other funky stuff, and they’re only +1.

Is Shapeshifter a standard class/race, by the way?

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