Sigil's Premiere Detective Agency

Campaign Introduction

The mournful sound of a trumpet expressing deep longing and regret like a lioness over the loss of her pride cut through the streets of the Lower ward. It was cold, dark and drizzling outside which is usual for weather in this ward and anyone living long enough here ends up with a yellowish caste to their skin and a hacking cough to boot. Whatever you do though, don’t go mistaking locals for Githyanki.

Another thing not to ask the locals about is who the trumpet player is. The name on the door of the office in the dingy tenement, from whence the trumpet music on occasion emanates from, is: “Ezriel Diamond, Sigil’s Premier Detective Agency”. Chant has it the place is run by a Hollyphant with an ego the size of the city. See Hollyphants are tiny elephants with feathery angel wings that act as messengers for the Powers that be in the Upper planes.

Now any berk and his mephit will tell you not to mess with something as seemingly comical as a Hollyphant. Whilst the Multiverse may have seen fit to cast them in a shape that makes most sods laugh, piss one of these bloods off and you’ll have great trouble trying to give them the laugh (that means getting away for you Primes). Anyway, some Hollyphants get so good at tracking folk down and develop such bees in their bonnets that they hire out their services to others. No one’s quite sure if Ezriel has Fallen or not, no one has been fool enough to ask.

Chant on the street has it that Ezriel is looking to retire, maybe even patch up with the Powers he split from and set himself up in a nice retirement nest someplace in Elysium. Whether he’ll ever lose the hardness and bitterness he seems to carry around him like an old and familiar coat is anyone’s guess. Whatever happens though, there will always be a need for a Premier Detective Agency in Sigil, City of Doors.

(This campaign is due to start around the end of September. Thank you for your patience.)


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