Escaped 'Mexican' Shapeshifter Prototype



(Gestalt Psi-lock 5/Shapeshifter 1/Scout 4)

Str16/20 Con12 Dex14 Int14 Wis11 Cha14

HP:37 AC:17 Init:+2 Mv:50”land/50”climb

Saves: Fort+4 Refl+7 Will+5


Jump+24 (All jumps are considered running, extreme leap+34)

Climb+20 (take 10, climb speed 60”)

Intimidate+10 UMD+10 (take 10)

Spot/Listen+4 Search+9 Survival+10 (track by scent+14)

Knowledge(Nature+12 Arcana+15 Religion+15 Planar+15)


Extreme Leap (+10’ distance on jumps over 10’)


Improved Scent (60’, lvl1) Leap of the Heavens (lvl3)

Tracking (Human) Improved Climbing (Full Speed, Scout4)


Wild Empathy +3, Shapeshift at will, Urban Sense +2

Skirmish +1d6/+1AC, Trackless Step (urban)

Serpents Tongue (Scent, +5 poison saves)

Otherworldly Whispers (+6 knowledge arcana/religion/planar)

Hideous Blow (Channel Eldritch Blast into melee attack)

Eldritch Blast 3d6 (Std Action, at will)

Speak with animals (1/day)


Planar Common, Druidic, Sylvan, Celestial


Machete (+7 1d6+3)

Bite (+10 1d6+8, +2d6 Eldritch Blast, +1d6 Skirmish)

Equipment Carried:

Machete, Dagger Wilding Clasp, Amulet of Natural Attacks +1

Rough clothing, Beastmother charms and glass beads

Haversack: Morcels of food, waterskin, candles Paper & pens, loosebound copy of The Whoku, Collected Verse of Mystery & Suspense


Somewhere, somehow, someone has learned the secret ritual of creation that the Elan had kept hidden for so long.

When Fibolg awoke he found himself in the razorvine-tangled gloom of Ehlonna Beastmother’s temple deep within Sigil’s hiveward, soon to discover that he had been the subject of an experiment to create a new breed of Elan, one capable of assuming bestial form. As Fibolg stood before the witch-queen of Ehlonna Beastmother for the first time, she told him of a place known as Godsend, a place from which he carried only vague memories:

In the throes of a mighty war, a cube fell from the burning skies of Acheron and plunged into the waters of a nameless ocean world. Ages passed since the cataclysm; steam and ice in turn claimed the world until the oceans once again rolled and heaved as if with primal purpose.

The passage of time has left the half-sunken city-sized cube granite-like and cliff-edged, and deep within, life has begun anew. Now home to a mad immortal genius whose servants strive tirelessly to create new forms of life, the cube-city of Godsend has become the breeding ground for experimental Elan abominations.

As the personification of the single greatest blasphemy against the Elan, it was revealed that there were those who sought out Fibolg for capture or destruction, yet the witch-queen decreed that the Beastmother had long claimed him as one of her own.

Strange ritualistic markings on his skin suggested his supernatural origin, so he covered them with tattoos to honour the cult of the Beastmother, which taught him to cast aside material trappings and harness his shapeshifting potential, so much so that Fibolg has become more comfortable in his animal form; that of a large canine-like predator.

Fibolg has learned enough hedge-magic from Ehlonna’s witches to be able to speak with beastkind, but it is his innate psionic ability that grows more quickly and ever stronger.

Fibolg discovered Ezriel one dark night when he answered the Hollyphant’s plaintiff call. While uninterested in wealth, Fibolg is highly interested in mysteries, symbols and markings.

As he is uninterested in wealth, Fibolg has come to an arrangement with the management of The Cell, a downmarket tavern in the Lower Ward, whereby he acts as a bouncer some nights in return for expenses being waived. He does however spend most of this time asleep by the fire.

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