Zaid Strand

Seer/Psychic Warrior


Zaid Strand was created and raised to be a forward scout and soldier for his peoples’ voluntary relocation to another world. Having fulfilled the purpose for which he was born, he found himself bored. Mind-annihilatingly bored. He left his people and returned to Sigil to see how much trouble he could get into.

He is usually attired in the clothes and equipment he works with: breasplate armour, a sword and dagger, a stormcoat for all kinds of weather. Though he has great interest in the things he finds, he has little use for personal adornments. All of his equipment looks well used.


The winters were getting longer. One by one, the lands to the west were falling into winters that did not end. With the cause unknown, the leaders of the land of Tolsken determined the only chance for their people was to leave.

The ways between worlds were searched, a destination chosen and a route mapped out. A bargain was made with a colony of Dromites, who agreed to supply Tolsken with enough of the jelly they fed their larvae to raise a generation of children with imbued psionic powers, to serve as scouts and guardians for the great journey.

Though a quarter of the people of Tolsken stubbornly refused to leave and another fifth died of various causes along the way, the majority of the Tolskene made it to their destination.

They have settled on a world that is a giant, apparently endless wall. Great flanges of black metal jut hundreds of metres out of the wall and radiate heat. Intelligent beings from a variety of worlds have built complicated cities near these flanges and use their heat to power great forges. Like the others who live there, the Tolskene have devoted themselves to industry. They struggle compared to the other, more established forge cities, but export enough worked metal to get by.

For a time after their arrival, Zaid escorted the Tolskene’s business ambassadors on their many journeys, but one day while sitting in an anteroom as his charge negotiated a new contract, he realised he was fading away to nothing.

Zaid has been using Sigil as a jump-off point for explorations of the planes for six months. He has not gone back to the world where his people live since.

Zaid Strand

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