Sigil's Premiere Detective Agency

Zen and the Art of Crime-Solving

Simson’s summary of the final part of “The Nameless Crime”

- After having gone out to investigate various people who had either been victims or were suspected of becoming victims, everyone returned to Ezriel’s bar.

- From discussion it became clear that the last to die was the Mortician through contact with the dead, he was infected by several dwarven paladins (i.e. through magical disease).

- The investigator sent to find out more about that before the group got there died in a portal trap, the investigator was nick-named “the Quick”, apparently not living up to his name.

- Ezriel on thinking about the case mentioned that he’d come across another explosion in the murder trail and upon questioning the skull they found that the ten investigators had all been killed simultaneously through magical explosions of fire.

- At the scene were several rat tails. Zaid found out that Reggie the Snout (were-rat investigator) had been killed by a poison cheese golem and mathematical writing was found in his lair.

- Curge Cudman was saved from an explosion of positive and negative energy by Sturm & Drang who were subsequently infused with this energy.

- Sturm & Drang left with Curge to go back to his tower to salvage gear, but it was only after they left that Diarmuid recalled Strum’s rather glazed look.

- Chasing them through the streets of the ward they ended up on the roof of a carpet shop where the scent led straight up across the city. Clapping their hands twice Diarmuid, Fibolg and Zaid were transported across to the Lady’s ward in to the Temple of the Abyss.

- Inside they had a brief chat to the pew sweeper who mentioned disliking illithids and that a man with a companion housing a curious mental construct had passed through. The man had also commented about the explosive nature of the skulls that the wizard had carried through.

- It was shortly after leaving the temple that the three put together that it was likely to have been Curge and/or the illithids who had carried out the killings using the mental construct.

- On the way to the tavern in which the illithids had gathered they were intercepted by a Githyanki woman who gave them ‘bounce-back berries’ and hinted to them that she and her crew would soon be attacking the tavern.

- Entering the illithid tavern in the Lady’s ward the three investigators got another clue of an attack and saw Curge, Sturm and an illithid across the bar.

- Before they got there they got pulled aside by a Duergar god-father who thought they were there to bid for the mental construct. They informed him of the imminent interruption to the bidding and the dwarves beat a dignified retreat from the tavern.

- At the table they confronted Curge who was holding Sturm & Drang hostage. He claimed to have been used by the mental construct and just wanted to get some compensation by selling it back to the people that had made it.

- Shortly afterwards the Githyanki attacked and took out half the tavern’s patrons within seconds. Zaid and Diarmuid used the berries to bounce back, killing a goblin musician and Curge in the process. Fibolg high-tailed it across the roof and up the tunnel to safety, choosing not to use the killing berries to make good his escape.

- Sturm missed his intended target and as the delayed blast fireballs began to explode (having been primed to go off when Curge died), she realised at the last instant that she could channel her deadly teleportation energy through her psi-crystal.

- The psi-crystal being on the bar touched the barman and the mental construct inside Sturm leapt across the mental connection, carrying with it the negative and positive energy, as it rushed back to annihilate its creator.

- Zaid, Sturm & Diarmuid got teleported inside the invisible Githyanki ship above the Lady’s ward and after telling the Githyanki warrior woman of their encounters in the tavern beat a hasty retreat. She took a peak in to Sturm’s mind before they left and upon seeing the mental razorvine commented “I see that Shemeshka, King of the Cross Trade, had a hand in this”.

- Meeting up with Fibolg on the ground they went back to Ezriel’s bar for drinks. Having closed the case, Ezriel encouraged them to set up shop in Curge’s former tower and run their own detective agency as he’d be retiring soon.

Diar’s Mimir Recording

It’s notable that in the course of all this, I’ve not actually had a chance to work out what might be going on.

I’ve been hired – along with a group of other investigators – to find out why several Sigil detectives have been mysteriously (and indeed ironically) killed. It turns out that in typical Sigil style, the personification of the Perfect Crime might be the culprit.

Which raises all the problems of how you go about catching something that might not actually have a physical presence. At least the undead are vulnerable to Clerics (if you can hire one).

Still, so far at least this job has been light on personal danger. I appreciate that my new friend is now infused with positive and negative energy and nearly exploded, but for me it’s mostly been visiting the Hive Ward, looking around the scene of a double murder, and lots of visiting taverns looking for info. Pretty easy, so far, even if our actual progress is pretty minimal.

I currently have in my possession a set of clues that would baffle the best. A Mimir, a set of three rats tails, a necklace from a Deadman and plenty of thoughts. But what I mostly have is a set of team-mates workings on the same problem, and strangers they may be to me but I find somehow that I trust them.

I trust them more than the last set of ‘adventurers’ I worked with, anyway.



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